[H][Draenor] <Timed Crisis> M+ Pushing and 1 Day Raiding Guild / Community


Are you interested in pushing Mythic Plus as far as possible?

Do you enjoy Raiding but don’t want to commit to doing it 3-days a week?

Then Timed Crisis might be for you!

About Us

Timed Crisis is a newly formed guild with the aim of creating an organised team of players with a similar mentality to conquer most of what the game has to offer. Our primary focus is on Mythic Plus however we also raid heroic one day a week. Our focus is not on the content we do but on tackling it with right approach and people.

We believe that all but the most difficult content in the game can be defeated efficiently and easily with players that have the right commitment and attitude. We strive to always improve and push the game as far as possible, which is the same attitude we expect from our members. Not because it’s a chore to be put up with but because that’s how we enjoy approaching the game.

You may be someone who:

  • Does not have an interest in mythic+ but wants to raid one day a week
  • Already has a raiding guild but wants somewhere to build mythic plus groups
  • Already has a main but wants somewhere to play at a high level with an alt

We welcome all of the above to join us in tackling whatever content suits them!

If you are interested in what we have to offer and are not based on Silvermoon we also have an associated community with the same aims and schedule.

Our goal is to create a community where people can find and form groups to learn and improve themselves. We recognise high level play in any aspect of the game requires advanced coordination therefore we always encourage getting familiar with players in your groups as well as creating an active discussion around the game to achieve better results.

Mythic Dungeon: Our dedicated Mythic Plus pushing days are Wednesday and Monday but we encourage groups to be forming all the time.

Raiding: Our growing group of core members with some pugs alongside have cleared 9/9 HC Battle of Dazar’alor. We raid on Sundays 19:45-00:00 (CET) with invites starting at 19:40 (CET).

PvP: Some of our members also enjoy actively pushing PvP rating and would like to develop an RBG team.

We are currently recruiting for all roles to grow the base of our guild.

We do not have any strict requirements to join our guild however we do except to see some activity from you in Raids and/or Mythic Plus. We expect our members to perform well and be prepared for any content that we are tackling however we also recognise we all started somewhere. If you have the right attitude you should fit right in!

If you are interested or have any other questions feel free to contact us in game at Paddywan#2510 or Artyr#21728.