[H] [Draenor] <Vespertine> Social/HC raiding guild 9/10 HC


We are Vespertine, an english speaking, heroic raiding guild with a strong social leaning outside of raiding, based on Draenor EU. (18+)
We are looking for as many people as possible for 9.1! Currently 9/10 heroic.

About us:
We’re not just a guild, we’re a family. We’ve been raiding since Legion and since then we became a tight-knit group of friends. Discord is our main social platform where we like to spend our evenings chatting away, or just posting weird memes. Our humor is a bit esoteric. Our social side is definitely the focal point of this guild and has led to many irl meetings and friendships.

Our main goal in every tier of raiding is getting Curve and Glory of the X raider. During raids we love to see a relaxed atmosphere between pulls, banter and good laugh. We want everyone to have a great time during raiding. However, we also know that we need to be focused during the pulls and do as best as we can - we don’t want our time to be wasted.

Raid days:
Mon/wed 8:00 -11:00 pm realm time.

What we require:
*Attendance - By far the most important thing, for steady progression we need a steady team. We want to know we can count on you and know you’ll show up for raids in time, ready and prepared.
*Patience – Whether we wipe 3 or 30 times, it’s important for everyone to keep cool without creating more tensions. Rage quitting the raid after a couple of wipes or suddenly deciding you’ve got other stuff to do because you’re frustrated, is not going to sit well with us. You need to be the person who can look on times like this and see the positives, the hints of progress.
*Know your class/role - No matter the role you chose to play in the group, you need to know how to fulfill it. Whether you are a tank, healer or dps; you must know how to play it, know the strengths and weaknesses to perform as best as you can.
*Teamwork - You are expected to do the mechanics accordingly for all to benefit. If you are here for personal, selfish gains, we will say goodbye to you.

What we are looking for:
Tanks: Closed
Healers: LF 1 HEALER! (resto shaman or resto druid)
Melee dps: closed
Ranged dps: closed

Outside of raiding we do m+, play other games (most recently Among Us, Overcooked 2 and Civ 5) or just hang out in Discord.

PvP is also a major point of discussion in the guild, in 9.0 we used to do RBGs almost every day led by 2.2k xp officer. As said officer is very busy with work lately we don’t have a set schedule for RBGs yet, but we are hoping we can do them in 9.1 as well. Some players do a lot of arena as well.

If this sounds like the place for you, poke any of us on Discord for a chat:
Aura#6429 (GM)
Lexery#8002 (officer)

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Come join the memes!

We are still looking for 1 healer and a couple of dps to complete our raid roster

I joined this guild less than a week ago, and already i’m having a fantastic time. Very skilled people, and i look forward to seeing us striving as a team for Curve :slight_smile:

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We still have a couple of DPS spots open - you can check above what we are looking for. If your class is not listed, you’re still welcome to apply. Anyone looking for a guild last minute this is your time to apply!

We are looking for 1 healer to complete our roster - resto shaman, resto druid, MW or disc priest.

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We’re having a great tier with 7 hc done last reset with a 2% wipe on Fatescribe after less than 10 pulls. Already farmed the 7 this reset, so fully expect a Fatescribe kill Monday. Who knows if Kelthuzad goes as well?

We’re still in need of a healer; in particular someone who wants to do keys. We’re easily doing 15s but need more healers to facilitate more runs, and of course for raids as well :slight_smile:

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Fatescribe went down fast followed by a Kelthuzad kill on the 2nd pull.
So now 9/10 heroic.
Time to reap Sylvannas :slight_smile:

More healers please :slight_smile:

We got curve monday, and will try to rekill Sylvanas for the ones who weren’t there for the curve kill.

If you’re looking for a friendly raid-guild to hang out with in discord for next tier, consider joining, as it’s likely we will need recruits for 9.2