[H] Elders updated post

Who we are

Elders is an English-speaking raiding guild that was originally formed on Nethergarde Keep EU on the 27th of August 2019.

Our core consists of a stable group of in and out of game friends that have played the game for a very long time. Most of us are experienced raiders, but that doesn’t mean raiding is the only thing we do. We are a fun and active community with people from all walks of life.

We are a social guild with focus on raiding, meaning we are semi-hardcore. This means that during raids a mature and positive attitude is expected. However outside of raids the approach is more relaxed, social, and casual. The goal is to create a collection of people who can relax together while still performing on a high level. For this to be possible a discord with various chatrooms has been created which can be used for any and all guild related activities.

What we want from you

  1. We expect you to be level 60.

  2. You are required to be fluent in English. This doesn’t mean English has to be your first language, just that you speak and understand English well enough that communication is never a problem.

  3. We expect you to be courteous and non-toxic towards others on all levels. We know that interaction with other people in a game like Classic can lead to friction at times, however when you are in this guild you represent the guild as whole, and are expected to uphold the name of the guild as best you can. This is something we value very highly, and any transgression towards this rule will be dealt with harshly.

  4. We expect you to come prepared on raid nights. This means the whole range of pre-raid activities like having the necessary addons installed, having the necessary consumables and being on discord before raid invites start. Also knowing the tactics for the bossfights in the raid as well as knowing your class and their specific role during those encounters.

Raid Schedule

Our standard raid schedule consists of 2 days, Wednesday and Sunday. Once we are ready to do so, we will be going for one day clears of both Ony and MC.

Raid times are 20:00 till 23:00 GMT+1

Loot Distribution

We will be using a Roll based system with a 1 item per raid limit. We will however also be using a Loot Council based on Common Sense™ to counteract some of the RNG that a roll based system brings with it.

How to get in touch with us

If you are interested in joining this merry ol’ bunch with a community which expands everyday, The Elders will be the guild for you. You can contact the following members in game:

Kaimbe, Drekstar, Crowbar, Sinsdra, Nossah, Kosara

You can also leave a reply in this thread and we will subsequently contact you when you are online in game to have a chat.
Be sure to mention your class and classic wow character name if you post with your retail character profile.

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