[H] Ele shaman LF Raiding/Lenient Guild


(I’m posting this with an alt, as I can’t find my shaman on the list)

A little about myself; I’m a 27-year-old lad, who has been playing on and off since the end of vanilla (ca 2006) - I’m a fun dude who knows when to be focused and serious, but also knows when to banter. I am currently looking for an aotc guild looking to progress into mythic eventually(or a guild already progressing mythic). Due to a new job I am only able to attend every other week as my job is shift based, I am therefore looking for either a weekend raiding guild or a guild that is okay with me only being able to attend every other week essentially.

I’ve gotten a slow start to the expansion due to changing jobs and my living situation, but it has now settled and I am ready to start consistently progressing. I am currently sitting at only 200 ilvl, I can provide links and other things to any parties interested.

Previously I’ve been mostly active during TBC, Wotlk & Legion, where I’ve cleared a lot of the end-game content, and I’ve been a semi-hardcore raider for most of my “wow-career”.

Hoping to hear from you

Maybe of some interest to you

Hey Folsom,

give us a look

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