[H] Ember of Dreams 8/8h 1/8m 2 nights/week LFM for Battle of Dazar'alor

(Cazimir) #1
Hi there,

are you looking for a new guild? Have a strong desire to punch things in the face 2 times a week? Vent your frustration on trolls and humans and other things that surely deserve it?

Well, look no further!

Welcome to Ember of Dreams, a small but fun heroic guild looking for new raiders for Battle of Dazar'alor. Our aim is to provide a chill community for gamers of all kinds as well as fat loot - and we want you on our team!

We're mainly looking for raiders, but we welcome everyone - if you're in need of a new home, we're happy to add you to ours ^_^

Now to the juicy details!

We need…

Low Priority
Healers with raid-ready DPS specc
DPS with raid-ready tank specc

Melee DPS

High Priority
One tank - ideally not a Demon Hunter
Range DPS - especially 1 Mage

We raid Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 to 23:00 server time.

What do we ask of you?
- have a relatively mature attiude and be 16+
- appropriate ILvL for current content
- join our Discord - we're always happy to have a chat!
- use our raid calendar to sign up for raids
- be reliable, nice and motivated :)

We're somewhere in the semi-progress area, but we can't progress without you - so if you are interested in having a chat, you can…

Go straight to our raid lead: Fail2Reap#2724
Or ping me: Rehlyihmah#2916

You're also welcome to join our Discord if we're not around, there are usually raiders who are around happy to chat!

Hoping to hear from you :D

PS: I will check here too, whatever is most convenient for you :)

(Cazimir) #2
By the way - I'm also on Discord (The Lich#0169) and ingame mail is welcome - in case I'm not around.


(Cazimir) #3
Great news everybody, we killed Zul and Mythrax! Onwards to Curve ^_^

(Sindorie) #4

8/8 hc… 1 down in mythic with pugs

(Cazimir) #5

Heyho, we still need all the cool people for Tides of Vengeance :slight_smile:

(Sindorie) #6

oh look at this kl guild… can I join ?

Returning Blood DK lf guild


If you are still looking for a tank I’m interested in joining. I’ll add you to when I get a chance to.

My tag is: Kelsair#2810


Still looking for a tank and a healer. Dps always welcome.