[H] Endurance is looking for more (AOTC, 5/10M)

We created the guild at the start of Battle for Azeroth with a bunch of Lightbringer veterans, and consistently cleared heroic as one of the first few guilds on the realm since then. With Castle Nathria cleared on normal in the first reset, and heroic in the next few, we look on track to continue - and would like to get involved in Mythic raiding as well this time around.

Our raids are:
Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 for heroic skip & early mythic
Monday 20:00 - 23:00 for progress
Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 for an optional, more casual run open to alts and socials trying out for the main roster (clearing early heroic bosses we skipped on Thu)

Our group for heroic is very stable at the moment, with over 20 people in every raid so far, but not everyone is interested in - or ready for - mythic raiding, so we are trying to round out the roster, fill the gaps and ensure more consistency across the weeks.

We are currently looking primarily for ranged DPS, disc priest, resto shaman with a viable off-spec (or a DPS shaman with viable healing off-spec) but if you have a history of (and an appetite for) high level progress raiding, we won’t turn anyone away.

Check our wowprogress page for more, and if you’re interested, please reach out on pjotroos#2222.

Goodluck with your recruiting! For any Hordies in doubt > This is the guild to go to! :slight_smile:

Dipped into mythic now, and killed Shriekwing quite comfortably, so that should be a weekly fixture going forward. Still could use couple more DPS to round out our mythic roster and help us progress!

Mythic Huntsman Altimor bump! Please Blizzard, don’t make me do this once a month!

disc priest here, mainly a rbg player. joined lightbringer for low lag and then to help a rbg team i did grand marshal with in classic. i play wow just to chill out but if you want someone who is serious i dont mind helping. currently leveling my toon up.

51 ish be priest

sent pjotroos#2222. a message.
my hastag is whoopy#2238

4/10 mythic and going!

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