[h] epicfabriken

We are a Horde Semi-hardcore Swedish guild with roots that stretch back over 10 years with the current roster hosting a good split of players who played in Vanilla up until recent expansions as well as players from the private server scene.
The guild is PvE focused but with a strong PvP component.
Our aim is to be a top guild contender on our server in everything from server first to speed clears and world bosses but will also look to arrange premades when there is a point in doing so.
We are semi-hardcore in the sense that we currently only raid 1-2 days a week but when we do raid we want to be fast and efficient, we expect 90%+ raid attendence as well as anyone attending to bring their A-game in terms of specc and consumables.

Loot rules:
We use a loot council which puts focus on players who put in the time to improve their character. Since our standing goal is to be a top guild it’s in the guild’s best interest to make sure EVERYONE is well geared.

What we expect:
Since the guild is Swedish you are expected to understand Swedish
90%+ Raid attendence with PvE speccs and relevant consumables (Flasks on speed clears etc)
Have a very good understanding of your class and continously strive to improve
Invest time in your character outside of raids
Dedication to improve the guild

What you can expect:
Organized raids
Fair loot council
No uneccessary wipes
A fun raiding environment
Lots of loot
Players to PvP with

Raid times:
Wednesdays and Sunday if needed, 19:30-23:00 with invites at 19:00 (Server time)
While these are the set raid days, currently we clear everything in 1 day with MC in around 1 hour.

Recruitment needs:
3 x Warrior [DPS]
1 x Priest [DPS

If you are interested reach out to Gossipgírl, Krille, Figuren or myself in game.

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