(H) <Eternity Reborned> Weekend Raid team LF members and socials and pvpers

Welcome all to Eternity Reborned

Established in 2019 by me on Draenor as Eternity, then moved here whit the plans to establish here. The Eternity Reborned is a semi hard-core, fun and focused progress oriented guild, looking to build up a guild for Mythic progress, M+, and PvP > The guild is starting from 0 so takes time to get things running. The Eternity Reborned should be viewed as a home to anyone that wants to raid, do dungeons or pvp

What Can we offer you ?

We are currently 10/10 N 1/10 HC 0/10 Mythic (personal progress 10/10Hc 3/10M) This Tier, we’re striving to build an active and progressive raid team focused on Mythic progression for the next raid tier.

We raid 2 times a week Saturday - Saturday 18:00ST - 10:00ST

A stable Guild that many of our members will call home.

Friendly and polite atmosphere with an approachable leadership team, we are an 18+ Guild and with that comes occasional adult language and humour/banter.

Stabel raid spots and an environment to progress and learn; everybody has “off” days in which they don’t perform the best they can, we understand this is normal and we’re not going to penalise people for this.

Active guild chats and discord – Most of the time there are people online and are approachable.

What do we require from you?

First and foremost, you must be over the age of 18.

A decent knowledge of your class/spec, current raid knowledge and the ambition to learn.

The best attendance you can possibly manage. We assume attendance from everyone unless told otherwise! Whilst it’s not a problem if you can’t make it, we must know in advance.

A pair of headphones/speakers and a microphone.

Be active and social. Whilst we want to kill bosses, we also want to make friends and enjoy the game. The easiest way to do both is to be on Discord!

Having a good sense of humour is always nice, and being an 18+ guild, we do throw jokes around and at each other, none of which is meant with malice.


Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, extreme views, etc. There is a line and you will be warned if you cross it. These types of attitudes will not be tolerated.

Looking to fill all the Spot as soon as possible
Raid Leader:
Big priority recruitment
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid
Demon Hunter
HEAL: 2 spot open
Resto Shaman
Disc Priest
Holy Priest
Holy Paladin
TANK: 1 spot oppen
Death Knight

Any class will be considered, socials to, so even if you do not see your class above, still contact us!

If you feel we’d be the guild for you. Feel free to contact me as listed below:

FDI#21926 bnet
FDi#1534 discord

Come and join the family

We are still recruting

Come join us spots are filling up fast

Bump bump bump :grin:

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