[H - eu - Draenor] Revolt 7/8Hc going to mythic - Recruiting!

Who are we?

We are a guild on Draenor Horde, we have been raiding together since Legion though different servers settling here. We are a group of guys and girls who enjoy each others company but equally want a tightly knit, well organised progression raid group.

We are looking for players that can fit in with our social banter but still stay focused and bring their A-game during progression and ultimately down the bosses in front of us. we are looking to continue building our roster to push even further in mythic, so raiders who can accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and have a “go out and get it” attitude when it comes to bettering themselves will enjoy their time here.

Our aim is to clear heroic and push into Mythic once we have a stable roster.
We are also recruiting socials who enjoy a more laid back aproch with a more laid back raiding team.

In terms of class / spec representation, we operate on an “earning your spot” principle. If you come into the raid as a trial and out perform one of our existing classes, this will be reviewed. The intention of this is to keep everyone motivated to perform at the highest level they can do to ensure a smooth and (relatively) easy progression raid.

All are welcome!

All exceptional applicants are considered.

Our Raid nights a week:
Thursday: 8pm Server Time → 11pm Server Time. ( main Team)
Sunday: 8pm Server Time → 11pm Server Time. ( Main Team)
Friday: 8pm Server Time → 11pm Server Time ( Social Team)

In order of preference we are currently recruiting:
Ranged DPS: Any and all Ranged DPS.
Healers: Very High Prio on Any Healers.
Melee: Any And all Melee DPS.
Tanks: Closed

To apply for our team : please feel free to contact us on either Bnet or Discord.
(GM): BNET Allyssi#2111 DISC: Allyssi#4054
(Officer): BNET WolfHunter#2524 DISC: Wolfy#2921

Thanks for your time,

Revolt Leadership.

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