[h][eu] <hype>’s “funraids” - mc section

These raids are Horde only.

Hello fellow funraid participants, hello future possible participants,

this thread will serve as an overview for the rules in our PuGs and to inform you about the schedule .

Our second run for MC is scheduled for Sunday, 13th of October, 5pm ST.

Why “funraid”? What is this?
First of all regarding the name: You should read it as “raiding to have fun” and not “raiding with loads of fun”.
This term origins from Shariva’s time on EU-Mannoroth back in 2007 when PuG raids weren’t common. Over the course of time the “funraids” spread to multiple German and later international and private servers. Now with WoW Classic we aim to bring our knowledge and our witty raidleading - developed in over 350 PuG raids - to TenStorms!

Loot rules:

  • All drops are provided by highest roll - often there will be the bindings and trash stuff reserved, stated upfront.
  • It is not possible to sell rolled items to a random raid member - you can step back for 2nd highest roll - if you do it for money or not is not in our might.
  • As long as someone needs an item for MS no OS rolls are accepted - if you want to roll on a different spec (e.g. you are healer and want to roll on dmg items) you have to tell the raidlead BEFORE the raid and it counts for the whole raid (in the example you can’t roll on heal items as MS on any boss then).
  • Everything regarding exceptions or special situations have to be sorted out with the raidlead before the first boss pull.
  • If an item drops multiple times each item is rolled separately.
  • If the item is no upgrade for the highest roller the roll doesn’t count.

What should I do to get along?

  • Be attuned.
  • Read up on bosses.
  • Bring some consumables (mana/health potions!).
  • Have a proper spec (no, boomkins do not count!).
  • Have some pre-raid-BiS-stuff to show you know what fits your character.
  • Bring 5h+ of spare time.

Additional information:

  • While inviting we receive a lot of whispers - we like whispers and we will answer them, just have some patience.
  • Poking, if there is any, is always at Orgrimmar bank.
  • If the ID isn’t cleared the ID isn’t free and will be cleared in another run or by the guild .
  • People who contributed to these raids in a special way (e.g. main tank/main healer/top 5 dps in several runs) will receive a keyword with which they can always enter the raid group.
  • Alts are welcome.

We will have item and performance overviews available at a later time.

Any questions ? Ask them here or via PM or ingame.

See you around,
Shariva / Titum / Ccwe / Bamboole


  1. Where to poke? - Orgrimmar bank
  2. When to sign up? - Talk to one of the mentioned players above for safe spots.
  3. For whom are the reservations? - Winner of “funraid”-events, long running funraid members or guild members.
  4. What is reserved? - In MC only the bindings and trash recipes plus lava cores and core leathers.
  5. Why do you make these runs? - To help the community and our guild.
  6. You did a lot of GDKPs earlier, will you do them here? - The “funraids” originate from roll runs and we intend to keep it that way until the server is fed with gold.

good luck, nice initiative :slight_smile:

I support this message. - Random person.

! Ragnaros down in the first run ! Thank you everyone !

Next run:

Sunday, 13th of October, 17:00 ST

Sign up with Titum, Shariva, Ccwe or Bamboole.


  • required time: 5h
  • health and/or mana potions
  • trash recipes, lava cores and core leathers reserved
  • only signups for now, no /poking