[H] [Eu] [Lightning's Blade] Creating a guild with likeminded players

Hey I’m looking for likeminded players to create and manage a guild together. Currently I’m in need of atleast 2-3 officers to help with me to manage: recruitment, raid preperation(discuss raid tactics going through logs together) and create a good atmosphere for the guild. It’s a big plus if you have had experiences previous to this but not required as long as you are willing to learn and we have the same goals when it comes to the guild.

What kind of guild am I trying to create?: A guild which main priority and focus is to create an environment that is fun. Where you can log in and be excited to come and play, whether you are a social or a raider. A guild that has players who enjoy the game, who mixes well with the guild and its other players, who wants to learn and improve with a semi-hardcore mindset.

What content is the main focus?: Clearing Heroic of the current raid and Mythic+. Progressing with a semi-hardcore mind-set. Players are not forced to swap specs or to have an arbitrary item level. The focus should be on learning the mechanics and play as a team to raise the raid’s morale. Helping out the raid in any way a player can should be encouraged instead, which can be done in more ways than just getting better gear. I think this creates the most effective raider, a happy raider is a good raider. Being a good team mate is more valuable to the raid team as a whole than a DPS with pink parses.

If you are interested in this type of guild and would like to be part in creating it then add me on battle.net “Tweaks#21105”
You can add me even if you are not interested in becoming an officer.

Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day.

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