[H] [EU] <Lost Council of Chromie> Recruiting

Hey everyone!

Lost Council of Chromie is a guild for casual players who are looking to progress in Heroic and Mythic raids.

The emphasis being on casual progression, we’re looking for likeminded people who primarily want to have fun and won’t stress over the pace of progression. We’re definitely not hard-core and we all want to learn and improve as we progress.

We currently have a team of roughly 15-16 players and want to expand it in order to make a more stable team for Mythic progression.

Right now we primarily need dps players and one or two healers, but everyone who fit in our guild agenda is welcome to join.

We accept all classes and specs, regardless of the current meta. It is important for us that our members play characters that they like and enjoy.

Our current progress:

  • 10/10 Heroic
  • 2/10 Mythic

Our raiding nights are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday starting 20:00 to 22:00 server time at the moment.

If you’re interested to join or want more information, please feel free to contact any of the officers listed below:

  • Gimlly [Gim#4306 on Discord]
  • Eponea
  • Verinator
  • Gregles
  • Whoneedslock

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