[H] [EU] [MIRAGE RACEWAY] < SEMPITERNAL > is recruiting!

We are a competitive guild, that offers quality raiding experience and focuses on progress and improvement in a friendly community.

We are all mature who love a playful environment, but in the same time know that when strategy is explained we need to be quiet and allow others to focus while listening to our raid leader.

Because time is mana, we concentrate on creating challenging raids where we push for quality runs during which we learn and master boss fights (HC included) so we can get to the farming content phase ASAP.

Our main goal is to clear all content available and have fun while doing it.

When it comes to loot, we use DKP with priority on certain items to ensure maximum raid value.

Here are our ‘best of’ on phase 1:
#3 Horde Speed Complete Raid (25) (Realm #10)
#1 Horde Execution Complete Raid (25) (Realm #3)
#1 Horde Speed Complete Raid (10) (Realm #6)
#1 Horde Execution Complete Raid (10) (Realm #2)
#7 Realm Progression (10)

All raiding achievements for 25 & 10
#3 World Sartharion Speed Kill (10)
#2 World Heroic Dungeons All-Stars Team Speed
#2 World Heroic Dungeons All-Stars Team Execution

Monday & Wednesday 20:15-23:15 ST
Thursday (only in progression) 21:15 - 23:15 ST

What we’re searching for:

  • you know you have a good attendance
  • you are punctual
  • you use consumables because every boss pull is important
  • you have best enchants and gems because you want to have an amazing performance
  • you know how to play your class
  • you are vocal on Discord

Currently recruiting three great DPS players to bolster our roster from any of the following class/specs:
Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Combat Rogue
Enhance/Ele Shaman

Looking forward to meeting our newest members! :slightly_smiling_face:

Discord Contacts: ChosenOne#4684 and XndrX#8656

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