[H][EU]<NakedGang> 11/11HC 2/11M RECRUITING

NakedGang (Uldir 8/8 Hc & 2/8 M) is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, which has been active on the server since Wrath of the Lich King and is one of the top, active Horde guilds on the server!

We are a close-knit, friendly bunch: and we are currently recruiting for the new Battle for Dazar’alor raid, so that we can make further progress on Mythic difficulty. We also run Mythic+ dungeons, Island Expeditions and (very occasionally) PVP on non-raid nights.

We are especially looking for an experienced Tank with a dps offspec preferebly (one of our current tanks wants to play Boomkin atleast once in a while) and more DPS to add our core raid team. Healers with DPS or tank off-specs are more than welcome too!

In return for cauldrons, feasts, glory, fun-times and loot, we expect you to;
• Knowledge of your class,
• Enchant and gem your gear appropriately,
• Be on time for raids,
• Be able to communicate in English atleast in written form and use Discord,
• Be mature, patient and friendly.

Raid times are Thurs/Sun/Mon 20:30- 23:00 server time. Once Heroic difficulty is cleared, Thursday becomes our farm night, with Sunday and Monday being Mythic progression, when we get the numbers.

For more information, get in contact with one of our officers or raiders or reply to this topic!
Officers: Hinamori, Mazahs, Atuuh, Telvarga and Krazay(GM)

Life is short- play naked!

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