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HH is recruiting!

T7 Cleared in one Raid evening week 1. Best Naxx clear is 1:30 ish
Progress T8:
:white_check_mark: Week 1 Full Ulduar 25 Clear
:white_check_mark: 9/9HM Ulduar 25
10man HM:
:white_check_mark: full clear

EU guild for Wrath of the Lich King. Vast experience from Retail & Classic.
The core is a group of old friends with extended wow experience, from Vanilla, Classic 99+ parsers, Mythic Retail Cutting Edge, & M+ Pushers.

Goal : Semi Hardcore, 2x 25 Raid Teams, Clean & Efficient Runs , No Drama. We like to pump!
Loot system : Loot-council + thatismybis

:calendar_spiral: 25man:Raid Days & Time :

  • Sunday 20:30/00:00 Raid#1
  • Monday 20:30/00:00 progress or later Raid#2

10-Man - organized Wednesday/Thursday evening 20:30

:page_with_curl: We are recruiting to bolster our main raid Team. and form back our 2nd raid team.
Open spots for big dps:
:crossed_swords: Melee :

Rogue - HIGH-x2 (Combat and assasination)

:bow_and_arrow: Ranged :

Warlock - HIGH-x2
Ele shaman - HIGH-x1
Mage - LOW
Hunter - Medium-x1

:leaves: Healer :

:shield: Tank :

Exceptional players will always be considered no matter the class.

If you have a similar attitude & goal and you would like to join, apply on discord :

> [Discord](https://discord.gg/sKsvuSWa)

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