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Clown Wagon [Horde] | EU-PvP | Sunwell 6/6 | Loot Council | Gehennas
Recruiting skilled and ambitious players for TBC- and WotLK Classic

Clown Wagon offers a competitive raiding environment with a performance-driven, yet sociable atmosphere and a supportive community. Our core consists of experienced players, many of whom cleared all original content and have consistently raided in all phases of Classic- and TBC Classic. Clown Wagon is dedicated to clear PvE content effectively in an enjoyable fashion and strives to compete for progression and server rankings. We are looking for reliable, like-minded players to complement our roster.

[Raid Schedule]
Wednesday/Thursday/Monday @ 20:30 ST
Weekly T6 and older content clears, Main- and Alt raids

[Loot Distribution]
Loot Council - Performance/Attendance & Class BiS Priority

-Maintain a positive attitude and team mentality.
-Always be prepared, on time, and highly motivated for raids.
-Perform on a high level consistently, maximize your output in raids and know how to survive.
-Strive to improve each raid, be eager to learn and seek guidance from other guild members.
-Maintain 90% + attendance and communicate early when unable to do so.
-Be flexible outside of main raid times for progression.


  • Protection Paladin
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Restoration Shaman
  • Holy/Disc Priest
  • Affli/Destro Warlock
  • Arcane Mage

Exceptional applicants of any class will always be considered.

[Contact & Links]
If you are looking for an entertaining guild to be part of long term, contact us in-game or on Discord.



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