[H] [EU] [RAZORGORE] <Panacea>

is a strong competitive long running guild located on Razorgore. A mix of a friendly environment and hardcore mindset.

What we need:
Shamans, hunters, warlocks and a boomkin. However exceptional applicants will always be taken and given a fair chance to pass their trial.

What we request:
Good game mindset, T5 ready character or close to, enchants, consumables, discord and willingness to learn, adapt and listen.

We offer:

A competitive environment (speed kills and logs).
Great raid clearing pace. T4 is cleared in 45 min. Kara 1.5 hour and 5 possible groups.
Alt raids and gearing.
Fair loot distribution with council loot.

To apply you can add me on discord Domingos#5253 or whisper in-game to Aecra, Traw or Konsta.

Thanks for reading and good luck to those that wish to apply.

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