[H] [EU/SWE] Velvet Elvis - Stormscale Mythic core recruitment


Velvet Elvis (originally Samhall Gaming)

This madness was created infront of last tier (Uldir) by a group of Rust-damaged people and a “Casual” gaming community who managed to merge into “Samhall Gaming”.

Despite the guild was very young, we had a quite successfull time in last tier by being the 6th guild on Stormscale to get that precious Curve in Uldir.
We managed to form a mythicgroup aswell but as many other guilds, we got stuck @ Zekvoz.

When Blizzard then decided to take a break(?) with content and announced that 8.1 would take several months to be released, people in Samhall Gaming also took a break. Some of them returned and others didnt. However the core remained…

This tier we decided to go “international” and renamed the guild to the most obvious name we could ever think of, Velvet Elvis .

BFA Status:
9/9 Normal (duh!)
9/9 Heroic
3/9 Mythic

And is constantly recruiting more people, raiders and socials.
If you for some reason want to be a part of this craziness just hit us up.