[H] EU Unholy DK look for mythic guild. 222 up to sludge exp

looking for a guild that has some consistancy in raiding in mythic, its been rough finding a guild atm, everywhere is 15/20 and it cycles so many players each week you never know what to expect.

most exp on a MW monk which i stopped playing because well… MW… when we got to sludge. but i had no viable alts that were needed so instead of playing and been very sad all raid, im looking for a guild on this now. less over all exp but im all good for generla melee exp from the monk.

i just want to be able to enjoy the game with out the stress of planning for nothing to happen. id prefer to start at 3-5/10 rather than from lower, but seeing progress is more what i want

Is it only horde you are interested in?
We are on Silvermoon, looking for a death knight.
Currently 5/10 M
Raid 3 nights per week - Mon/Weds/Thurs between 22.00 - 0.00 server time.

Add me on bnet if of any interest: hellykins#2114

Hello There :wave:

We are currently 7/10 Mythic and progressing on Sludge.

Half of the raid team wants to take a break from the game to come back at 9.1 and we are searching for players to keep progressing the raid. We currently have a strong core team that’s really motivated to keep going and we would like to make that happen.

We are looking for:
• performance, know your spec well
• good attitude and willingness to learn
• m+ players
• play for experience and progression, not gear

• Raid nights:
Wed 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST
Sun 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST

Add me on bnet for more info: sismisBata#2816

hey mate

we are actually looking for a DK and are 6/10 atm (already put in like 50 tries on council so hoping we down it soon)

please check out our post and if you are interested pls contact me on discord, you can find the info in the post too:

Kind Regards

Hey Deadfish,

We’re currently 6/10M with last phase on Council. We’ve pretty consistent have been around for 15+ years raiding steadily. Take a look at let me know if you’d like a chat.