[H-EU] Valkyrie Recruiting for Ulduar

Raid status: Normal & hard mode 25 man tier 7 cleared / Tier 8 25 man (Hodir HM cleared)

Raid times: Wed/Sun (+Tue on progression and off days for 10mans). 20:00 → 23:00

Loot: EPGP with weekly decay (MS > OS, mains > alts)

Looking for: 1x Resto Shaman/1 Resto druid/2x Warlock/2x Hunter. Socials are welcome to apply.


Originally formed from the returning players of 2 vanilla raiding guilds, Valkyrie is mature a group of players that are looking to have fun in Classic at a more casual rate, with the end goal of being able to clear all normal content and progress through the hard modes/heroic modes.

We take a more relaxed attitude raiding due most of us working normal hours and having real life commitments, this means we fully respect if you can’t be available all the time. Because of this reason we run a bench rotation which allows us to continue raiding even when some members are unable to attend.

Raid times

Aiming for 2 days a week with Wednesdays and Sundays being main days.

However when we are doing progression Tuesday can be added to the rotation.

Raids will go from 20:00 server time until 23:00.

Loot rules

We are using EPGP with weekly decay and MS > OS.

Come say hi over at discord.gg/yptRabNU5K or whisper Carp, Wire, Sorikar, Heksem, Gova or Zulkh ingame for a chat :slight_smile: or contact Zulkhanis#4477 on discord.

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