[H] Experienced Monk Tank LF Raiding Guild


  • Playing since vanilla, so know the game very well. Have played as a raid leader in 40 man raiding days in vanilla/tbc/WotLK (as a mage).
  • Playing a blood dk / monk tank since Mists of Pandaria.
  • Raided as a main tank in MoP.
  • PUG raiding since then in all expansions and major patches, mostly as the raid leader.
  • Also PvP a lot (rated bg/arena/world pvp). R12 in Vanilla in Burning Legion/EU in vanilla.

What you can expect:

  • High attendance, flexible time.
  • I do always read / watch boss stats before starting new content, coming as %100 prepared.
  • Flasks, foods, runes, enchants always ready.
  • Can play as dual tanks (blood dk or veng dh) if required for progressing.
  • Have an alt rogue, can switch to my alt if needed.

What I expect:

  • HC/mythic raiding as MT/OT.
  • Arena / rated bgs for fun if possible.


  • Brewmaster monk - 185 ilvl
  • Subtlety rogue - 175 ilvl
  • Blood DK - can level 60 & gear if required for progressing.
  • Veng DH - can level 60 & gear if required for progressing.

About me:

  • 36 years old.
  • Will attend discord etc whatever needed.
  • Got lots of time to progress.


  • bnet: bonesoul#2655
  • discord: bonesoul#8471
  • or reply here


  • got some friends with me (healer/dps), if required I can make them join the guild too.

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