[H] <ez> hc-guild is recruiting

<ez> Gandling EU-PvP is recruiting motivated and active players for both PvE and PvP.

We are a hardcore, very active PvE & PvP guild consisting of multiple #1 Gladiators and former world top 10 raiders, looking to expand our roster even further, especially for Phase 2.
There is a requirement to have engineering as one of your professions to join our raids and premades due to the many benefits it brings, especially in PvP!

Current progress is 10/10 MC and 1/1 Onyxia.

—Raid Times—
Sun & Mon 19:00 - 2300 (ST)
Currently only raiding on Sundays. However with upcoming content we’ll also raid on Mondays.

High priority: 1 Rogue, 1 Hunter
Medium priority: 1 Resto Shaman

** We will always consider every application regardless of priority. **

— PvP —
Currently we are looking for all classes for PvP recruitment. This is something we are going to be taking as serious as our raiding in Phase 2 and we are looking for people to help bolster our premade PvP teams with ambitions of reaching R14.

—Loot Rules—
A DKP system is used for all of our loot in raids, there is however a decay on the DKP so people cannot hoard it. Also prioritizing certain classes/specs on certain items.

** We aim never to let a piece of loot be vendored or disenchanted when someone can get some use out of it, loot will go for OS before it is disenchanted or vendored. **

If you’re interested, contact Zeraton, Ewli or Seaphera ingame.


This is a big tumps Up!

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With the light, the power is real, bump !

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All Alliance will die

Edit: Only on classic ofc

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Yo, can you tell your butthurt guildies not to ignore someone so easily. I leaved their UBRS grp, because I had to go MC (I did say that I have to go). Got angry messages afterwards, tried to explain myself and instant Ignore. Wished them good luck on their journey (also mentioned that the grp is quite bad after wiping to trash and flying to drake eggs, but hey, let’s not focus on these little things :wink: ) and moved on. Thank you for your cooperation. Best regards Eater Of Boys. xoxo


^^^^^^ Love this! shared with my grandma


Are shamans rare? looking to roll on the server

bump. looking for 1 Feral Druid (OT)


MC cleartime down to 40 min now!
Currently looking for 1 dedicated Resto Shaman, 1 Warrior and 1 Rogue.

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