[h] f-mage & boomi lf m+ team

We are looking for a team to push higher keys with as it is our focus content.
We have experience in m+ and want to push to around +20

Mage name: Lonëaxe - Draenor EU

Druid name: Drunsi - Draenor EU

We are both Norwegians, but nationality does not matter as long as we all speak english.

PM me or boomi ingame for more info :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,
Maybe you 2 are the perfect match to me and my friend.
Me, 220 vdh
Friend 212 MM hunter

We are also looking for a push group.
If you still looking for a team
Add me on btag

Nice :slight_smile: I have added you :slight_smile:

still looking for grp, as last guy never replayed :slight_smile: we are around 1200-1300 io both btw and looking for someone in simulare level that is active and wants to push

Are u stilll looking?

We have spot for a tank only now :slight_smile: looking for a tank that has a lot of freetime. If you are not experienced enough, as long as you are open for learning and is active, we can see what we can work on after :slight_smile: