(H) Faster than Lag - weekend, recruiting for Mythic

Hello community,

Faster than Lag on Ragnaros is seeking likeminded individuals who appreciate grouping up and exploring the game as a guild. We like friendly and open players who fully understand that constraints of real life responsibilities but also value working on content together.

Social Members

Social spots are always open for anyone of any skill level regardless of experience, we will run events throughout the week for you to be part of if you like but it’s always voluntary. Should you find yourself wanting to tackle more difficult content then we’d be very happy to assist where we can.

Raid members

For those who want to join us on our adventures in a raiding environment and are confident with their class and specs, we’d love to chat to you. We highly prioritize individual player optimization when ever possible so that you improve gradually outside of the raids.

We love a player who learns from mistakes and continuously puts in the effort to be a better raid member, who is open to suggestions and can take constructive criticism in a positive way.

Our discord server prompts you to make a quick application which will be answered quickly, to allow us a better insight to you, the player. Once completed you will be given access to our server where you can meet the members and begin your journey with the guild.


Specifically for raiding here;

DPS of any type will be considered but we’d certainly love:



Elemental Shaman

Retribution Paladin




Possible spot available, contact for more information.

We have cleared Heroic and gained Ahead of the Curve, weekly reclears will occur until we have 20 solid players, at this point we will step into Mythic with no focus currently on CE.

Raid days/times

Friday and Saturday 20:00 - 23:00 server time.

Like what you have read so far and want to know more? Great, add me on LFC#21212

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