[H] Firemaw <Haven> social+ Raiding guild Thursday + Sunday

Haven is looking for players to join our raid team!

:beers: Who are we?

We’re a guild of cool dudes and dudettes looking for similar cool dude(tte)s (nothing sexual). We’ve been playing and raiding together since release, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and have a pretty laid back social atmosphere. Our guild consists of a big pool of Belgian/Dutch players with some scandi’s and others sprinkled in.

We’d love for you to be above all else social and willing to learn. We appreciate people who are punctual and can take a joke.

:joystick: Raiding days

Thursday: Naxx (Part-1) 20:00-23:00
Saturday BWL 21:00
Sunday Naxx (Part-2) 20:00-23:00
Tuesday AQ+Ony 20:00-23:00

:gem: Loot system

We use the monolith DKP Addon. We use an ample decay rate making it easier for new players to get upgrades fast while still being fair to veteran players.

:coffee: What can we offer you?

Fun and clean raids
Class counseling
“Mature” environment
Great leadership
Quick upgrades for new 60s

:eyes: We are looking for the following classes

  • DPS Warriors
  • DPS Rogues
  • Resto Shamans
  • Priests

Exceptional players always welcome

:speech_balloon: Our discord server:


Or whisper any of the following people ingame:


What is the difference between “monolith DKP addon” and other DKP addons ??

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