We are a couple (rogue and shaman) looking for a weekend raiding guild.
We are usually busy during week and I usually have work trips every other week, so we are not that active during weekdays as we would like. Nevertheless we always happy to help when we are able.

We mainly look for a weekend raiding guild since we do not want to fail our guild missing raid days during week.

We are both prebid or nearly.
I have raiding experience in classic up to naxx. She is new to the game, we always play in same room so I give her the calls, tactics, etc…
We are able to speak English.

(obviously we both need to have a raiding spot, otherwise I would be sleeping at the couch lol)

Are there any guild out there that might recruit us?


Give me a shout in game my friend on either Fleabitten or Kastur can see what we can sort out and I can speak to the council of the guild for you see if we have anything available.

Hope to hear from you soon

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