(H) Flawlessness is recruiting

Hi, Flawlessness is Recruiting, we are a Horde Guild with roots in Grim-Batol/Aggra EU.

We are a Social Guild that wants to focus more in raiding and we are in need mostly of Tanks and healers but we accept all classes and specs.
Currently 9/9Hc and 1/9M.
You don’t need to discover Azeroth alone, come do it with your new friends instead!

Raiding days are Wednesday and Saturday 19h and 20h Server time respectively

Flawlessness asks:
Be a active player;
Be respectfull;
Be able to join discord;

Flawlessness will provide:
Healthy environment;
People to play with;
2 days of raiding;
Multiple Guild events, from mythic runs to pvp or transmog runs

Any question please /w any member and asks for a officer in game

At your service
Daz, the Crazy Cat Man

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