[H] Forming a guild for late bloomers?

As a horde player it seems to become less common to join a group for earlier raids such as Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Sure, there’s PUGs so now and then, but just this weekend two of my ‘go-to’ PUGs cancelled due to not having main tank signups.

This makes me wonder if there would be interest in forming a guild or discord group for people who have not yet progressed past the first couple of raids and are looking to raid those consistently. This of course would not rule out people who are up to par for AQ40/Naxx but have other reasons to join the raid.

Currently I’m in a phase with a couple of friends that we’ve done a couple of MC/ZG/AQ20 runs in PUGs but never even BWL/AQ40/Naxxramas. Not even 15 years ago. We’re very excited to be running everything the end-content has to offer but we are now struggling to find consistency in raids with like-minded people.

I would be up for giving it a shot and create a guild, however I lack experience in leading a raid. If there’s an interest from enough people I would also learn how to lead the raid or perhaps there’s someone already with experience up for being raid leader for us sorry bunch.

Also, if there’s guilds out there that already cover this purpose, please let me know!

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