[H] <Fractured> looking for mythic raiders


Fractured was formed from a selection of core team players that want to pursue more than just the first couple of mythic bosses in a raid tier. We are all long-time players of this game and are keen to push ourselves more than we have previously.

We’re a great bunch of people and enjoy hours of laughter along with downing bosses! Going into the next raid tier we are looking for some tanks and various DPS/healer classes to join us as we push forward into the new raid.

We have 5/8M Uldir experience between us and want to ensure that we can hit the next raid tier hard and have a fighting chance to get to the end boss of the tier. We will be raiding 2-3 days a week for approx 3 hours (schedule still in progress)

If you’re interested or want some more information, please whisper any member in game or add Grimmy#21255 to Bnet.

Can’t wait to hear from y’all!

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