[H] <Fruity Undertones> Recruiting for 9.2!

With 9.2, Fruity Undertones is looking to round out our raid team!

We are a relatively fresh guild, formed during 9.0, but many of our friendships go back several expansions. We’re a chill bunch and try to make sure that every raid night is a fun one - though that doesn’t mean we can’t focus up when needed. Our little raid team ended 9.0 at 10/10HC and 9.1 at 9/10HC, but our goal going into 9.2 is to grow our raid team enough to push into mythic once AotC has been achieved. We are by no means a Cutting Edge guild, but we’d love to push a good 3 or 4 bosses into mythic!

Our raid times are as follows:

  • Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST

  • Monday 20:00-23:00 ST

We’re hoping to find raiders that can make most raid nights, mesh well with our group dynamic and are happy to spend time with the guild outside of raid times as well. We have lots of people in the guild who enjoy pushing keys and plenty of alts doing lower M+ as well, so finding a content buddy shouldn’t be too difficult!

We are currently recruiting DPS and healers!

If we sound like we could be the new home you’re looking for, reach out to our recruiting officer Synter on discord or bnet!

  • Discord: Nea#6886

  • Bnet: Syntegral#2473

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