[H]-[Gandling] <Violent Nomads> 8/8

Violent Nomads is a sem-hardcore raiding guild on Horde - Gandling realm.

Currently cleared 10/10. & 8/8

We’re an experienced guild looking to expand our core team and improve our efficiency with additional recruitment of the following classes;

1x Warlock
1x Resto Shaman
1x Holy Priest
1x Resto Druid
1x Mage
1x Hunter
1x Rogue
1x Warrior

All socials welcome. We also do PvP after raids if anybody is interested. If you’re also interested in raiding very casually we’re starting to make a second group shortly.

Raid Times
At the moment our BWL day will be Thursday & MC Sunday.
We raid between 19:00 to 21:00 server time. We start invites 30 minutes earlier. First pull at 19:00.
Onyxia depending on reset day.


  • Turn up on time.
  • Don’t get yourself locked out of guild raids by doing pugs.
  • Let us know if you’ll be unavailable in advance.
  • Have a good understanding of your class/spec and how it relates to raid performance.
  • Have a reasonable level of pre-raid gear.
  • Bring consumables even if they’re lower level.
  • Have access to Discord. You don’t need a mic, only to listen.

Loot Distribution
Loot distributed is DKP. Our aim will always be to distribute loot fairly.

Nothing will be reserved, but keep in mind certain items will be deemed to be better for specific classes (Thunderfury goes to MT for example, this information can be seen in guild log/discord).


To get in touch with us /w one of the following members of the leadership team in-game (Gandling - Horde):



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A great guild i highly recommending you give em a shout

relaxed atmosphere, fun times with friends - come check it out!

We are still looking for more active players too join our Core raid team!
DKP system has been implemented for Guildraids since 01/01/2020.
Every Guildrank gets the same amount of dkp per boss kill, that includes Trials.
Here’s your chance too join a friendly semi-hc raiding guild
at the start of a fresh DKP system. Big Bump

Violent Nomads is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Horde - Gandling realm.

Currently cleared 10/10. Also doing Onyxia every reset for getting those nice gear pieces we all want!

Fun with new Members for core group and Socials that maybe feels like raiding sometime. Welcome

Still looking to fill the last few spots!

Still looking for active hunters, warlocks, shamans and Druids for our Bwl raids. Niche specs like boomkin or enhance shaman feel free too apply.

great friendly guild

We are still in need of core members for our Bwl progression, atm we are only 30core players. We have mc on farm dispite our low numbers and have managed too get 3sets of bindings for out tanks so far. One thunderfurry has been crafted, collecting mats for 2nd and 3rd atm. For further BWL progress we are looking into a possible merge with any guild or group of players willing to join our team. (making new guild if neccesary is also a possibility) recruiting all classes but mainly looking for dps warrs, warlocks, resto shamans, resto druids but any other class is also welcome. Don’t hesitate too contact us in game for more info.

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