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Contact me @ Junaio#2224

Currently looking for a new tank so one of ours can switch to Healing or DPS (he’s a very good tank, just has work related availability issues and we can easily substitute healers) and a bunch of DPS.

High priority for DPS:

Fury or Arms Warrior.
Demon Hunter
Balance Druid

Anyone may apply, I rather have a Shaman with a good head on their shoulders than a beastly DH that sours the mood or acts like al that counts is a number on the DPS meters :slight_smile:

Started by the bulk of the PSYCHOSIS raid team after a bunch of scurvy traitor dogs took the easy route and defected to the Alliance “Ascendance” guild and others xrealmed like a bunch of plague spreading rats.

Geeked is looking for a variety of new members for all kinds of content (new and long time players welcome) and also scaling up its raid team to complete Curve before Januari and push progression in 8.1.

Our guild has grown to over a 150 unique members in just over a month and growing fast.

No matter if you’re a casual player, dedicated PvPer, Mythic+ runner or hardcore raider, we’ll accept you no matter how flawed you are (Alliance players that saw the light are especially welcome :slight_smile: ).

Our raid days are Tuesday 8:30-11pm and Saturday 8-11pm.

Currently mostly looking for:

  • Tanks and Healers for dedicated Mythic+ teams.
  • Transmog and achievement hunting nutbags that like to run old content in guild groups.
  • PvP lovers that like to teach people how to PvP at a non laughable level (although utterly laughable PvP play is good fun too, that’s my specialty!).
  • Altoholics, anyone willing to take the guild leader down a few pegs with his ludicrous amounts of alts.
  • Players brand new to the game. It’s fun to see your journey through the old content and even more so to help along that journey.

For the raid team we are looking for:

  • At least 1 Tank, preferably DH or Monk but any may apply.
  • Shaman, Monk and Priest healers, any may apply.
  • A variety of Melee and Ranged DPS, except Warlocks. With how many warlocks we have, it sometimes feels like Guldan infiltrated our guild and is prepping to do something nasty (again).
  • Someone who has some experience raid leading or is willing to learn. The Guild leader is the main raid leader, but when he isn’t available or we grow to have enough people to build out 2 teams, having someone to replace him is needed.

Although I’m a numbers guy and know there are some classes that are well better than others, I also know that the quality of the player is far more important than whatever class they play.

For that reason I’m not picky as to who can join the raid team. I rather have a great Restoration Shaman than a craptastic Disc Priest. And that doesn’t only apply to their skill, but above all their personality.

Long long long term plans are to have 2 full raid teams that either compete against each other or are balanced between semi-hardcore and casual raiders where one pushes progression on a realm ranking level and helps the other team get better at the game and experience the new raid content during it’s active phase.

You can drop into our Discord (ze7KGqs) or contact any of the “Jun” characters in Geeked if you’re interested.

Or just respond here and we’ll talk.

GLHF :slight_smile:


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Don’t think I’m doing to bad on the Alts there Jun poss giving ya a run for the title and then there is Moon with his many Alts :slight_smile:

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