[H] Gehennas EU < Ascendancy > recruiting!

< Ascendancy > Gehennas [Horde] 10/10 is recruiting!

Become part of the Raid Core of our new Warsong raid roster

Our core of the guild has been playing together for 6 years and counting and now integrate the Warsong Raid in our ranks.
We’re a mix of players scattered throughout the world and nostalgic about the early expansions of the WoW Universe.

Join our clan community and be lead by experienced raid leaders with foresight & knowledge gained throughout Classic up to Black Temple, Sunwell & beyond.

What we’re looking for in you:
• Dedication and motivation
• Self preparation. (show up with Consumes & know tactics etc.)
• Stability (sign/show up to raids)
• Decently geared & improving (green / blue gear isn’t really raid worthy is it?)

Raid Schedule Warsong Roster
Mon - 21:00-24:00
Wed - 21:00-24:00
Sun - 20:00 -23:00
(2 days with content on farm status)

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Progress in T5
Frostwolf: SSC 6/6 TK 4/4
Warsong: SSC 5/6 TK 3/4 (10/10 xp)

:moneybag: Loot System.
We are having Officers & Core Raiders rotating for as a transparent Loot Council.
The LC is basing decisions on performance and raid attendance. New raid trials are considered as well.

For the Core of the Warsong Roster we recruit
Warlock - Destro or Affli
Shaman - Elemental
Druid - Feral
Hunter - BM

As we do have an active social section, we accept all applicants, regardless of class and spec.

Besides the main raids we are regularly setting up events for old content
e.g. in Classic Naxxramas, Blackwing Lair, T4 or Heroic Dungeons.

To apply contact our Officers
Chevejo or Jagardan

If you have any further questions feel free to ask us. We will respond as soon as we can!

See you soon!

https:// discord.gg/ 9Btb3Ah2

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this raid is lead by tbc veterans! come join lets have some fun

https:// discord.gg/9Btb3Ah2

come talk to us :slight_smile:
please mind the link has a space.

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