[H] Gehennas <Goes Berserk> recruiting

Goes Berserk
Recruiting more players to join us.

About the guild:
We are a international casual guild with the ambition of clearing all content without doing to much or to little. Focusing on having fun and a positive atmosphere. Gaming community since 2000.

Current progress: All content cleared.

All classes are of interest at the moment.
Previous raiding experience is appreciated but not needed!

Current raiding schedule:
Monday: 20:30 (BWL)
Thursday: 20:30 (MC)
ZG and Onyxia on reset.

Loot system:
Soft Reservation. Unreserved items is rolled MS>OS (no +1 rule)

If you are interested in joining our guild contact any officer in-game.

GM: Beekay
Druid CL: Tocracro
Priest CL: Puni
Mage CL: Dmn
Warlock CL: Mosbricka
Shaman CL: Melnador

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