[H] Gemini 10/10N

Hey Gemini is looking for new players to build a raid team! We’ve cleared 10/10N with pugs, currently learning M+ dungeons to push keys until we have a stable team. We’d raid 3 nights a week starting at 21:00 server time

Some of us are returning players from way back in the day with quite a few server firsts in TBC and WOTLK, so it’s not our first rodeo, but the hardcore 5 nights a week powered by coffee and Cheetos probably isn’t going to happen

Best to DM someone online in-game if you’re interested, but otherwise I’ll make a conscious effort to try check in here. Bring a sense of humour, avoid drama and your best effort :slight_smile:

Hey what days do you currently raid looking for a guild for my vengeance dh and boomer happy to play either(boomers newly dinged so may take a few days to gear) dh is around 184ilvl have plenty of xp in current tier

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