[h] gems recruiting

Hi Everyone,

I’ll break this into sections for easy reads :slight_smile:

Our Guild:
We called it “GEMS” (an old reference to former guilds on other games, don’t worry about it, it’s just ‘pretty stone’ themed).
We do not mind what level you are or how new you are.
Nor do we mind what classes you play.

Our goals:
To have fun. We don’t mind what your goals in WoW are.
Like trying to get the highest ilvl?
Prefer pet collecting and battles?
Heavy into PvP?
Just want people to do overworld stuff with like WQs?
Torghast non stop?
We don’t mind, we just want a nice place where nice people can chill and play with others.

I am open to re-establishing a raiding team, however I would prefer to have someone else lead the raids as I get burnt-out arranging everything.

If we get large enough, I will start running Guild contests and games for prizes again.

The sad stuff:
We are UK based so our times are GMT.
(You are welcome to be in another time zone, I simply state this as it dictates when I am usually online)
This means:
Afternoon/evenings weekdays (anytime weekends).
We only speak English :frowning:
We are only on the Magtheridon server (obviously)

I will not put up with sexist, racist or any other insults.
Swearing etc. is fine. Just be careful with your jokes, try not to be offensive, use common sense.

Not that I expect it, but, we have a guild rank where people can be demoted to instead of being kicked from the guild so I can review personally and prevent any potential abuse of power.

We currently use discord for out of game communication.
This is optional.
No mic is required and we don’t force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.

Replies here are very welcome.
Rather talk it over in game, no problem.
My main is my profile character, that’s my name, hit me up :slight_smile:
Discord me at Chaogeo#5909

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