[H] <Gild> Is Recruiting! [7/8HC]

Guild Information
Name: Gild
Faction: Horde
Server: Draenor - EU
Current Progress: ATSC 8/8N 7/8 HC
Raid times (all times are server time):

  • Sundays: 1930 - 2200
  • Wednesdays: 2000 - 2200

Gild (Vault 8/8HC) is a casual but focused guild now recruiting for Aberrus

We are looking at wrapping up Heroic in the next 1 to 2 weeks and beginning to progress Mythic

We have been raiding together since the beginning of shadowlands and are now looking to expand our roster slightly. We are looking for like minded mature players who have similar heroic progress and appropriately geared. We are all working adults so the guild maybe a bit quieter in the days, but come evenings & raid nights more of us are around.

We are semi casual but aren’t looking to carry anyone.

:warning: Recruiting :warning:


  • Currently Closed


  • 1x Monk/Shaman/Pala/Disc prio


  • Currently Closed

:speech_balloon: Contact us :speech_balloon:

If interested please add me to chat a bit more
Battlenet: WhiTAkeR#2170
Discord: Whitaswhit#9074 Hanny#0326

Still looking for a healer and some dps!

Still looking, please give me a message

We have now cleared Vault on heroic and are looking to start progressin some mythic bosses and need people to fill the rosta

Still looking for anyone who would like to join

Looking for any new recruits who would like to join us in 10.1
We will try running some mythic bosses in the final weeks of this patch if we can fill the spots we need

Please drop us a message if interested!

Bumping the post

Now recruiting for Aberrus!!

Bump - updated roster
Filled Tank spots, still looking for DPS and Healers

Still some spots open for Healers and DPS, higher prio for some classes

First raid night will be Thursday then back to Wednesday like normal next week

First raid tonight tonight!
Still looking for members

First night down 7/8N Last boss nearly there!
Come join us Sunday as we finish him up and start on Heroic!

First week done and we completed 8/8N and 4/8 Heroic

We still have a couple of DPS spots open!

Come join us for Heroic progress tonight - updated recruitment for a healer and a couple of dps

Updated progress
We are now 7/8 Hc looking at starting Mythic soon

We are looking for 1 Healer pref Monk/Shaman/Pala/Disc Priest to round out our comp

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