(H) Grey Log Squad Recruitment (8/8H) (4/8M)

is a newly founded guild in 2022 by a small group of friends, world initially to push M+ content.

We are looking for mature and relaxed players to join us in M+ and Raiding in Dragonflight. We have an active strong core of players and are looking for all classes.

For those joining us we offer a mature, fun and caring, yet focused during clearing content. With an understanding of real life responsibilities and no drama.
Our M+ and raiders who have a will to improve their gameplay are provided with advice and guidance from seasoned players. Returning and new to game or class players receive an opportunity to practice their skill, and learn encounters in a chilled environment in our raids.
Our social members can enjoy m+ activity, social interaction in-game and on our discord channel.


  • Heroic social raiding -Focused, yet relaxed and laid-back environment. 2 days a week - Days TBC based on demand and we are still building a raid team.
  • Other content: achievement, mount, t-mog runs etc.
  • M+ : you will always be able to find a companion for any level of m+ difficulty right upto pushing high level keys with the aim of completing within time.

Goals and aspirations
We are NOT aiming for hitting top tables each tier by any means. Our goal is to build a raid community with dedicated core which can do it without stress and burnout, while having fun and staying together for next content patch.
We aim to have consistent regular raids, without stopping to the end of tier or expansion.

In-game community
We stay in touch with our friends from other guilds and cross-realm. If you enjoy playing with us and would like to join our activities, but for whatever reason not able to join the guild, you are welcome to stick around in our community.

Raid Schedule: Thursday/Monday 20-23:00 Server time.

Feel free to hit me up in game for more info : Dotftw#2130

Bumppppp ! Still recruiting. Need couple of dps and a healer.

The team is ready to raid ! Just looking for some dps and healers to expand it a bit more. M+ players are also more than welcome.

Heya! If you are still recruiting, then hit me up :slight_smile:

Hey ! Added you in game and feel free to add my btag, can make things easier. Dotftw#2130

Our growing raid team is balanced and healthy to start progressing, just as our m+ teams.
For our comp we are currently open for:

  • DK DPS
  • Warriors
  • Shamans
  • mw monk.

Of course, everyone who is a good fit will be considered!

Hey, if you are still recruiting and need a mage, then add me on Averaa#2532

8/8 N and 4/8 H now. In need of a dk dps and enhancement shaman to make our melees happier. Still, all applications will be considered and always have a room for key smashers and socials.

7/8 H now and since we are considering to do some chilled myhtic progress we are looking for more reliable DPSes to bolster our team a bit more. M+ pushers and socials are always more than welcome <3

Myhtic Eranog down. Still recruiting dps and a healer spot is open.

2/8M now and looking for couple of dps and dps/tank with healing offspec to bolster the team.

Recruitment is open for couple of dps and a healer still. ( Terros %8 )

3/8M now and going steady ! Recruitment still open for dps - warlock being prio.

Bump! 4/8M - looking for a space chicken and a windfury supplier! Exceptional applications will still be considered.

   Also, we are pretty active on M+ content , so key smashers would also be welcome.