(H) Group looking for prog guild

Hi guys,

I have a core group of 6 people who are currently in a guild looking to transfer a join a more serious guild. Current guild isn’t quite as progress minded as we would like.

All players are KSM and know how to play to a good level.

We are all very very active and on most evenings but would prefer raid nights 8pm+ server time on Mon/Tue/Thurs/Sun.

I know I do say a serious guild, but we aren’t looking for crazy people who don’t understand we also have lives, some have kids etc and emergencies crop up - what I can assure you if is how active we all our - still plugging away despite patch drought!

I know its a big ask to get 6 players raid spots in a guild off the bat but just getting ourselves out there.

Current characters

Me - Blood DK - happy to Frost DPS or re-roll

2 x fury warriors

1 x WW monk

1 x holy priest / can do really well OS shadow

1 x any class you want DPS (haha I say this because this guy I think has most classes and can DPS well on whatever you throw at him)

Hi, it’s a big group and I would normally err or the side of caution but your post is nicely written so I figure it might be worth having a chat :slight_smile: Asta#2730


Funnily enough, your group is exactly what our newly formed guild needs.

Crustacean nation is a newly formed guild made of mythic raiders with the goal of reaching CE in 9.1. We are recruiting dedicated DPS and healers who want to give their best performance Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST

We have an exceptional core and with your group, we will be mythic ready. We had a look at your stats and we would love to have you on board so feel free to DM me on discord @ KooDoo#3050.

Hi man!

We are a newly formed/transferred guild to Silvermoon. We are a casual raiding guild that is currently recruiting for 9.1 to clear mythic raiding. Give this a read and tell me what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

maybe you will like this

Hey there!

We at Tooth and Fang are recruiting on the Draenor realm :slight_smile:

We are currently 9/10 HC and working to knock down sire, more dps would be great to help us achieve this and to progress into mythic!

We are a family friendly guild (Im a parent myself) and so are the GMs so we totally get parent life, we have been around since 2017 so we are a stable guild, we have lots of laughs but also a serious side when working on progression.

Feel free to add me on discord for a chat, my name is Elfilda#9187

Hey there. How serious of a guild are you looking for? We’re progressing Inerva M / SKS M and would be open to a large group like yours rn assuming you dont mind frost Dking and shadow priesting (any disc?). We only started the guild this expac, so still growing the roster, but so far so good. Mature, adult, international scene, obviously with loads of immature meme-ing. Raiding twice a week Tue/Thu, poke me on bnet if interested: Lillylolly#2604

If you have a moment - I’d like to have a chat on discord.

Stace#6358 :slight_smile:

hey mate

we would actually be looking for a few more to add to our roster

lets have a chat :slight_smile: