[H] Group of friends LF raiding guild

Recently transferred from Alliance Silvermoon with 7/10 HC experience with a bunch of friends . Realistically we figured we will not all be able to join a raiding team together so we are looking to join a guild altogether even if some of us do not end up in the core raiding but the majority would still like to be a part of an active casual one.

A little about me: I’m 28 years old and have played WoW casually since 2004 and only started to raid and push high keys in the last patch of BFA. I managed to reach 6/12 Mythic Nyalotha and was pushing 18-20+ keys.

I’m currently playing as a resto druid and looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild who is not always extremely serious about the raid and the main priority would be to progress whilst having fun with one another but at the same time helping each other reach our best potential.

Feel free to add me my Battletag ID if you have any questions (Yaz#11502) or reply back here.

Very nice i sent you an invit on bnet!

The After Party on TN

sended you friend request on battle tag
our guild is semi hardcore 2day raid team with 8/10 on heroic ready to aim for mythic soon

Hi Yazzle,
We have two raid teams going at the moment (Thu and Sat) one casual, one more hardcore. Take a look at the post if it’s something you’d be interested in: [H] <Archaic Order> - 9/10HC 1-day Raiding Guild

Hey Yazzle,

Late to the party here but you are welcome to give us a shot if you like we are half community half guild cross-over currently to allow everyone to keep playing together but we are trying to consolidate to just the one server (Twisting Nether) we aim to be more of a close knit guild that helps out one another from enchants to flasks etc and doing content that we enjoy with people we can have fun with.

Currently we are slightly behind you in terms of progress currently a 9/10 N and 1/ 10 HC and welcome those more casual who like to hang around for a chat and those who want to take down the content.

Anyway if you are interested then feel free to message me at the very least your welcome to join the community to give us a test shot we raid on a Sunday at 20:00 and Tuesday at 20:00 ST

See you in the Nether!
Btag: FunkyMonk#2145579

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