[H] <Grumpy Old Horde> - Talnivarr et al. (8/8 HC EP) Casual Raiding Guild

Grumpy Old Horde (8/8 HC EP) is a casual guild for mature players (+25) who have full-time jobs, wives (or husbands) and kids, but also want to raid, push Mythic+ keys, pew pew in arenas and collect all the poké- I mean - battle pets. Some of our members are serious, some are grumpy (only after naps, though) and the rest are super chill.

We have our main Progression Raid twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays, 20:00 to 22:00 server time, and a “Not as Drunk as We’d Like to be” Social Raid on Fridays from 20:00.

Despite being a guild with a casual approach to progression/heroic raiding (2 days a week), we still expect our members to bring their A game as we feel that the content can easily be cleared raiding 2 days a week and that members just need to come to raids prepared in terms of reading up on tactics for boss fights and bringing the relevant flasks/potions/food buffs etc that are appropriate for their class. We will more often than not provide a feast and cauldron, though each member should be prepared as this isn’t always available.

We are ideally looking for members who will fit in well with the progression group, which is made up of a variety of experience levels; from new players to players who have been raiding progression since Vanilla . Pretty much any class or role is welcome. You may have to change role for raids so being flexible is a bonus, especially since tank and healer spots are limited. We usually aim to get everyone curve in decent time.

Do we sound like your kinda guild?
Hit up one of our officers for a mature-check interview.

Souserig-Chromaggus in game or Souserig#9594
Seinz-Talnivarr in game or Seinz#7505 on Discord
Chayen-Balnazzar in game or Chay#0079 on Discord
Mekel-Trollbane in game or MEKLELEL#3651 on Discord

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