(H) <Hard Graft> A guild for people with obligations.

Hi. Could you invite me please?

Due to the dwindling population on our Realm, and the natural decaying state of the player base our recruitment remains open to give people the best opportunity at continued progression.

We currently sit at 2/8M and remain steadfast at our progressive attitude towards clearing content!

We are calling out to players who can attend our raid days (listed below) to near 100% attendance, have a positive out look and strong team work ethos to enable a tight knit Guild environment.

Raid Times/Days

-Wednesday (20:00 - 22:00)
-Thursday (20:00 - 2200)
-Sunday (OPTIONAL DAY 20:00 - 2200)

All times listed are set on SERVER time. Progression and Guild member willingness to extend raids occur when 100% of the members wish to go further.

Our Recruitment calls out for :

-Tanks (Low)
-Melee DPS (Low with HIGH need for Demon Hunter)
-Ranged DPS (High)
-Healer (Low)

If you are a part of a smaller Guild who want to continue progression but are struggling with regular list of attendees, or want to merge the efforts of a combined force to have a better shot at future progression please feel free to contact myself, or any member of our Guild at anytime.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Panyo - BNET: Panyo#21718