[H]Healer LF PVE guild


Hello! I am a returning player that unfortunately chose draenor as a main server. I would have never thought that it would become laggy to the point that your messages in chat are posted with 1 minute delay at peak hours (draenor has been laggy since legion but i hoped that blizzard would fix it). Because of this i want to switch the servers

I main healers (i like priest >shaman >paladin) and i am looking for a guild that would take me as a social till i get to 120(i don’t consider a transfer). I am looking for a horde, PVE, 2 days a week(raids starting around 20 server time) raiding guild. I am only interested in normal and HC raiding. Just keeping it casual as i don’t have that much time to play.

I hope i will find a comunity to play with (one that needs a healer) and see you ingame. Thanks.

(Lepanto) #2

Hello mate. If you’re looking to roll a new toon to level him to cap and then heal, I’d be more than happy to extend an invitation to All Desire - Chamber of Aspects.

Best of luck whatever you decide!


Thanks for the reply! That’s exacly what i am looking for. I will try to find you ingame to have a chat. Tho i am not that sure about chamber of aspects. People say the realm is more or less inactive


Vex logging company-Ragnaros (previously vex-anachronos) is recruiting for the eternal palace! We are a guild which was formed at the start BFA as horde on anachronos, but after dominating the horde scene on that server we made the decision to move to Ragnaros.
We are currently looking for ranged DPS or restoration Druid (but are considering all applications).
In the recent tier we progressed to 6/9m and 2/2h. This tier our goal is to match that or better.
we raid Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 8:00-11:00 ST. We are a friendly bunch and will make a lot of effort to welcome you into the team. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY ON DISCORD! Lhollinrake97#6399 alternatively you can message our co-raid leader slyveon/adam#0609