[H] Healer looking for Mythic progression guild


Hi there :wave:

I’m looking for a raiding guild for this tier and beyond, where my goal is to take the final step towards pushing mythic progression regularly. :slight_smile:

What am i able to play?

Priest (both healing specs), Druid (Resto) and Paladin (Holy). Though i do prefer Discipline priest as my main as i feel that’s where i perform the best.

Who am i and what can i offer to a raid team? :

My name is Andreas and i’m 26 years old and I work in logistics and statistics.

I’ve been raiding on and off in all tiers this expansion (Uldir 4/8M, BoD 9/9 HC and 1/9 Mythic, Crucible 2/2 HC and now Eternal Palace 8/8 HC as of now). Uldir as fire mage and the rest as Discipline Priest. (In Legion my most profound results was 4 /9 Mythic ToS and 2 / 11 Mythic in Antorus)

I see myself offering a stable performance mixed with a min maxing mentality where i always try to better the circumstances for a progression kill either by improving my own performance or others. I love using Warcraftlogs to better both myself and my teammates.

When am i able to raid?

I’m able to raid all days except Mondays and Wednesdays and i do prefer my raid times a little late (Rather raiding till midnight than to start early at 18 or 19).

If any of the above seemed interesting for your raiding guild, feel free to contact me on Lintrup#2279. At the moment i’m playing on Draenor.


Interested in alliance at all?
We are AnV on Silvermoon, 3/8M and working on Ashvane, have been raiding since 2007 and hoping to add a good few more to it!
We raid later on in the evenings, 22:00 - 0:00 server time, Mon/Weds/Thurs, a more mature raider base with many in our 30s and enjoy having a laugh whislt raiding without the elitist attitudes.

Could really be doing with a Disc priest OR resto druid, add me for a chat if we’ve piqued your interest: hellykins#2114