[H] <Heart of Mulgore> recruiting good vibers

Hello there,

Heart of Mulgore is a new guild that a friend and I accidentally created over the weekend, after returning to the game and remembering how amazing Mulgore is. I somehow walked butt-backwards into leading it. I will now lazily paste from my in-game macro:

“If anyone on Doomhammer/Turalyon is looking to join a new guild and represent the promised land, Mulgore, hit me up. Just hang out and chat whilst you play, group up, invite your friends or whatever and let’s get a sense of community back in the game.”

We just want to have some cool people to chat to, maybe play with and generally make the game a more pleasant and social experience. And hey, if things go well then we can expand into more serious and structured activities; but let’s create the base of a cool group of people first.

Naturally on this quiet server, it’s hard to recruit, so at time of writing there are only 5 of us in the guild. We will resurrect this darn server on our own if we have to, but don’t rock up expecting 100 people, restaurants, clubs, bars, and a thriving tourism industry. Good guilds are not built over-night. I am however already encouraged and pleasantly surprised by the experience of chatting and sometimes grouping with some nice people. We have all become far too unsociable in this game.

So yeah, if you wanna hang out with, or even just chat to people whilst you play the game, drop a message to someone in the guild. Anyone can recruit currently except the initial lowest rank.

You can of course either whisper or mail me, too.

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