[H] Heretics

Heretics is a casual raiding guild but also a guild where social players can call home too - we aim to be a social community where people can come together to play WoW.

We understand that retail can feel pretty isolated and a lot of the enjoyment comes from being part of a guild that actively socialises. With that in mind we’re trying to make a place where both casual players who can’t commit to extended play hours who just want a guild and friends they can talk to; and those who are looking to raid and progress with a more guild orientated and communal feeling.

PVE wise we run Mythic plus runs on Mondays, Normal raids on Thursdays and are currently progressing Sanctum of Domination HC (6/10) on Wednesdays and Sundays. 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Though our core raid team is full, we welcome anyone who wants to take part in the guild

We also do social events in and out of WoW (on our discord server) at various times.

For more info whisper:

  • batfink#2461
  • Cruesa#2143
  • Vossler#2722

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