(H) Hero of the Horde recruiting

(Breacher) #1

Everyone is welcome to join our social raiding guild to spend time in a friendly and helpful environment. Specifically we are currently looking for a few raiders (mainly dps) to join our ventures in Uldir and the new raid launched in January. Our aim is to clear heroic weekly and push in to mythic.

We clear normal once a week and spend two nights in heroic.
Wednesday 20:45-23:00
Thursday 20:45-23:00
Sunday 20:45-23:00 server times.
(Sundays cut off until the new year due to holidays)

(For Uldir) Requirements for heroic raiding are +360 ilvl and ability to be on Discord, ability to remain calm during bad times and ability to remain cool during good times. If you have jokes that’s a welcomed bonus.

If this brief introduction of our guild sounds like the place for you, as a social member or for raiding, feel free to ask any questions you might have. When it comes to raiding we are used to working with what we have and helping our guildies every step of the way.

We hope you enjoy your stay;

Best regards
Chief recruitment officer and warfare operator
Breacher-Alakir (Discolnferno-Alakir)

Other officers to contact in-game
Jadeit-Alakir (Syrling-Alakir)
Moosive-Alakir (Restofarean-Alakir)
Lánh-Alakir (Jooty-Alakir)
Doozi-Xavius (Bepa-Xavius)

(system) #2

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