[H] <Hexproof> SemiH, 20:30-23:30 Tue/Thur

Semi-Hardcore guild looking to round up our 25 man roster.

• We’re trying to be efficient and prepared, skilled and focused, but not minmax our brains out (at least not all of us) - you’re free to do so if you like it, however!
• We have cleared all available content (except immortal), with Ulduar hardmodes being next on the list
• We’re a group of people who’re in both for the nostalgia and pushing the limits (performing well, parsing, etc.) - we expect you to share the mentality and do your best!
• Mature people but playful environment. We are focused on efficiency (time and skill!) but not lacking the social banter and the occasional dark joke - personality matters!
• The guild provides feasts, repairs and help with everything a raider needs (:eyes:)
• All of us are team players - we expect you to be too!
• All of us, and you too, need at least 80% attendance!

Raid Time :calendar: - Two days
Tuesday 20:30 - 23:30 (server time)
Thursday 20:30 - 23:30 (server time)

*Note! *
For the first 2 weeks of each raid tier release, there will be a third day in which we will do progression (2 hours). Date TBD with the guild members.

Loot distribution will be done via Loot Council

What we are looking for: :heart:

DPS: 1-2 Slots
Warlock - Mid
Mage - Mid
Warrior (Arms) - High
Priest (Shadow) - High

Exceptional players will be considered!

Healer: 2 Slots
Anything but Holy Paladin

No slot

Contact information, Discord:

  • Jester#9984
  • Carnak#4216

do u need ele shaman ?

We do have two shamans and one is considering going enhancement. I don’t mind bringing a 3rd ele, even if they don’t. If you are interested, let me know :slight_smile:

still looking!

Looking for 2-3 more dps! Would really love a warlock :smiley:

New information added

Bumpy bump :smiley:

Bumpy bump!

Still looking

Now updated!

Yep, still looking!

We still look for a dps

Yeah, status kinda the same. Sorta.

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