[H] <Hole Patrol> 1 day raiding guild LF players

++Who Are We?++

In the past, Hole Patrol was a dedicated raiding guild with the goal of achieving Cutting Edge in each tier, but with age comes responsibility and we will raid only 1 day in Dragonflight, and with that we will kill what we can and be fine with that.


1 night a week. Wednesday 8:00PM - 11:30PM server time (CET)

++Our Goals++

Progression: Our goal is to kill as many bosses on Mythic as we can each tier, whilst sticking to the 1-day schedule. We will not add additional days or multiple hours to our schedule, we understand that people have lives & jobs.

Stability: We have established a tightly knit core and have placed high importance on ensuring every one of our applicants fit within the overarching community.

Fun: Ultimately, we all raid for fun. A relaxed atmosphere during raids and a healthy amount of banter are important to us as a group. However, we do expect full focus from everyone once the encounters begin. We understand it’s a balancing act, and feel we’ve achieved the right balance.

++What We Expect From You++

Skill: We expect all raiders to show solid knowledge of their class, from the basics down to the intricacies. More importantly, raiders must have the technical ability and raid awareness to deal with raid mechanics.

Communication: You must have a good grasp of the English language in order to be able to communicate with the raid. A microphone (of decent quality!) and willingness to communicate during raids is mandatory.

Dedication: We understand that people have lives outside of WoW so we don’t expect you to live your life online. However, our raiders should dedicate as much time as they can to their character(s) and to the guild’s ongoing success.

Reliability: Your attendance needs to be close to 100%. Naturally, things can come up short notice but we do expect to be made aware in advance where possible if you are unable to attend a particular raid night. You don’t need to tell us the reason (that’s your business!) but letting us know is expected so we can make any necessary roster/strat changes.


You’ll find all the info you need at our raider io page with the Discord link listed in the post.
You can reply to this Topic aswell, we’ll monitor it and get back to you asap.

Current needs:

Any of below Healers

priest (healer)
shaman (restoration)
paladin (holy)

Any of below DPS:

druid (balance)

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