[H] Holy Priest LFGuild

Hi There, looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild. Played back in the early days and have 5 MC/Ony clears done already this time around. Pretty decent gear inc. T2 Legs/Head.

I’m British, 30 and don’t take things toooo seriously.

Preferably looking for a guild that raids solid sub 2 - 2 1/2 hour MC clears and uses DKP.

Hey there. My guild just recently formed by breaking out from another guild and we are looking to form a raid team to farm up and prep for BWL and all future content.

If you are interested hook me or any of my guild mates up in game and we will point you to our discord for more details.

We’d love to have you on-board in Mankriks Mafia!

If you’d like to join just whisper any member in-game for an invite, if you’d also like to be part of our raiding team then just fill out this application form. :slight_smile:


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